How to Write a Good Annotated Bibliography?

how to write an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a type of writing that requests you to list sources, quotations and a short description. The goal of this written assignment is to show the readers that your paper is worth reading and it provides some value. It will also provide the readers with information about how precise and trustworthy the research is. Listing the sources is quite easy, but if the number of sources is more that one hundered items, you will have difficulties with making short descriptions and finding the most suitable citations.

How to write a bibliography essay: a step-by-step guide

There are 3 main approaches that you need to follow if you want to cope with the assignment yourself:

  • A brief story;
  • A thorough analysis;
  • A complete library research.

Start with writing down or taking photos of the books, documents, other papers or any other resources that you have on the list. You will have many sources at the end to choose from. You will tap into these notes and photos to express your thoughts the right way.

How to write an annotated bibliography in APA, MLA, Chicago style

Choosing the format

APA and MLA are the two major types of styles that you can use in your academic papers. Decide which citation style is required to your paper before correction already written paper. The difference between the styles is in the position of the name of the author, book title, the publishing year and so on. The format for the annotation is one for both styles. The length of the annotation can be from one sentence to a few pages. The best way to find out how much you need to write is to ask you mentor.

Assess your sources

Think critically regarding the information presented in the book. The evaluation process is next:

  • You get the main idea of the book or not;
  • The information is related to the topic or not;
  • The information is credible or not;
  • There are phrases or sentences for citations or not;
  • There are any evaluation reviews for this source or not;
  • You can find out the author’s credentials or not;
  • The source is upt-date or not;
  • Your professor approves this source or not.
how to evaluate an annotated bibliography writing service

Write an annotation

Start writing your bibliography essay with a summary of the book. Think of the main ideas, arguments and topics that are described in the source. Ask yourself what this very source is about and think how would you answer to someone else. Think if it provides any value for people. Mention why you have chosen this source and if the information in it is reliable. Write how this source is related to the topic of your research and add a few words how it helped you to research the topic.

Proofread the annotated bibliography

It’s an obvious step but there are many students that ignore it. The thing here is that you should be pretty much attentive to every period, coma, bracket or any other punctuation mark that you are using. The bibliography can be short and easy for revising. But if you have a list of fifty sources with long annotations, you will need a few days for proofreading.

You won’t be able to use any software. You will need to check every single detail especially if it’s your first try. Once you think that the job is done, take a nap or rest a while and come back to proofreading again. We recommend you to do at least three checks with some rest in between. This will make your brain notice even the slightest drawbacks.

how to proofread an annotated bibliography

View samples

It’s better to take this step before you write your own text or when you feel you’ve run out of ideas. You can see the style and you can see the way someone has crafted the annotation. Keep in mind that the bibliography for essay differs from the one in dissertation. Take a look at the structure of the annotation, what comes first and how the author expresses personal position. Of course, you can find some bad samples that will guide you to the wrong way, so don’t treat all the samples to be examples to follow.

How to evaluate your work?

Most of the students feel unsure about the value of their own work. Of course, you can choose the annotated bibliography writing service to assist you, but let’s talk about the evaluation of your own work. The first thing to do is reading your annotation as if you were someone else. Read aloud and record your reading. Ask anyone from your friends to listen to your reading. If you think that everything is awful, have some rest and show your annotation to your professor. And you will surely know what to do next.

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